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Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Which of us are jointly responsible for handling your personal data?

In compliance with Spanish data protection laws (Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos, LOPD), we must inform you that the handling of personal data submitted via the website falls under the responsibility of Colaboratorio CI Promoter Agents, currently:

  • Canòdrom, Ateneu D’Innovaciò Digital I Democràtica,  Carrer Concepció Arenal 165, 08027 Barcelona.
  • Carpe, Plaza Vicente Iborra 8, escalera A, piso 1, puerta2, 46003 València.
  • Citilab, Laboratori ciutadà d’innovaciò social i tecnològica, Pl. Can Suris s/n, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat.
  • ColaBoraBora koop. elk. txikia, Plaza de La Cantera, 5 – 2º, 48003 Bilbao,
  • LAAAB (Laboratorio de Aragón[Gobierno] Abierto), Plaza del Pilar, 3, 50003 Zaragoza.
  • Las Naves (Valencian Community Foundation for the Promotion of Urban Development and Innovation), Calle Joan Verdeguer 16, 46004, Valencia.
  • Medialab Tabakalera, Herritarren sorkuntza eta esperimentaziorako gunea, Pl. de las Cigarreras, 1, 20012 Donostia-San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa.

How will your personal data be used?

In general, personal data is gathered via forms on the Colaboratorio IC website for the following purposes:

  • Allowing organisations and individuals to register as active members of the Colaboratorio IC.
  • Collecting responses to the CALL TO ACTION.
  • Indexing agents and initiatives related to Civic Innovation.
  • Communication via emails, mailing lists, mobile messaging services, regular newsletters, one-off communications regarding sign-ups, meetings, publications, news and other information directly related to Colaboratorio CI’s activities.
  • Appropriately fielding and managing queries, comments, incidents and suggestions sent or expressed via the website.

Data collection forms for participation or subscription to the Colaboratorio IC newsletter.

The consent given upon filling out various forms on the website provides the legal basis for all handling of your personal data. You are reminded that you may withdraw consent at any moment, though not retroactively.

  • I consent to the handling of my personal data (required field)
  • I wish to receive further information related to Colaboratorio CI (required field)

Some details requested are obligatory, while others are optional. Likewise, some details are publicly visible and others are not. The fields in each form are clearly labelled to reflect these characteristics.

Embedded content from other websites.

On our website you may also find embedded content from other pages (videos, images, publications, social media, etc). With regard to the handling of personal data and cookies, access to such content is subject to the same restrictions as those placed on the user visiting the content on its source webpage.

Who can see or receive your personal data?

Colaboratorio IC does not share data with third parties, except under circumstances in which it is legally necessary for the development, control and/or fulfilment of the aforementioned purposes.

How long will your data be stored?

Data can be stored indefinitely, until Colaboratorio CI ceases operations, at which point data may remain stored, with the appropriate restrictions, until the statute of limitations expires.

What are your rights with regard to your data?

You have the right to access your personal data which has been processed, to rectify inaccurate information and to request its deletion when the information is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. You may also exercise the right to oppose and limit the handling and portability of information. To exercise these rights please contact us via email at, with the subject “Data Protection”, providing the following information: name and surname, contact address, details of your request, a photocopy of your passport/DNI/NIE.

In the case that you feel your rights have been violated, a formal complaint can be submitted to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Security of personal data.

The responsible parties will incorporate suitable technical and organisational measures into their information systems, taking a position of proactive responsibility in order to guarantee secure and confidential handling of stored data and to avoid any alteration, loss and unauthorised handling or access.


  • At Colaboratorio IC we use our own and third party cookies to improve the user experience of our website. Cookies are small files that are stored by the browser when accessing a webpage. They serve many purposes: technical optimisation, saving preferences and personalisation options (such as languages, display, etc), compiling statistical data, connecting to social networks, using secure areas, possible search and location services, etc.
  • We only use those cookies which are strictly necessary or essential for the optimal functioning of the website. New ones may be added as new services and functions are developed.
  • You can accept all cookies or give your implicit consent by continuing to browse. You may also, in your browser configuration, activate incognito or private browsing, which will automatically delete cookies upon closing the session. Additionally, you can select, reconfigure or revoke your consent, or obtain further information here.
  • If you reject cookies you can continue to use the website, though this will affect its performance, and some services will be unavailable.
  • You can find more general information about cookies and how to manage them in the Help section of your browser, on websites such as or in the “Guide for Cookie Use” published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency on their website.


Policy for participation in Colaboratorio IC’s internal communication channels.

The purpose of Netiquette is to enhance communication, to promote harmonious relationships and to help resolve conflicts as and when they arise in digital communities. In our case, it contributes to maintaining a positive atmosphere within Colaboratorio IC, an inclusive and self-managed space for meeting, connection and action, created in order to coordinate the Civic Innovation ecosystem.

Please, read this guide carefully. Respect it and help to improve it, as it is being continually reviewed and revised.

Basic Guidelines and Ethical Code

The lists and groups created by Colaboratorio CI aim to facilitate participative and distributed management, connect people and enable conversations and to share information and experiences related to our shared field of interest. They are also used to organise working and action groups convened by the community and to discuss how these groups should be run. Participation means following a set of guidelines and an ethical code:

  1. Upon your arrival, begin by introducing yourself. Something short and simple will suffice: name or nickname, interests and activities, any related links that might be of interest.
  2. The main language is Spanish. Be frugal with your words. Avoid hogging the limelight or monopolising group spaces and conversations. Do your part to keep discussions healthy, informative and constructive. Read previously posted messages before chiming in. Share your knowledge with the community (but please, no self-promotion, advertising or spam). Write with care. Don’t argue just for the sake of it and please, don’t feed the trolls.
  3. In groups/lists which permit the opening of new threads, please put a clear, brief title which accurately reflects the content and can be easily identified.
  4. At times the volume of information can make threads difficult to follow, so we suggest that, in addition to a subject, messages be identified or categorised using words in [square brackets], so that newcomers can get a quick impression of the message’s content. We suggest the following general categories:
    1. [PRESENTACION]: To introduce yourself when you join a group.
    2. [CONVOCATORIA]: To advertise events, meetups, talks, calls to participate, etc.
    3. [COLABORACIÓN]: Requests for help (RRSS broadcasts, joining a project, etc)
    4. [GT ____]: To offer information on a currently active Work Group (GT=Grupos de Trabajo). Each group can be identified in the description, for example: [GT COORDINACIÓN], [GT HERRAMIENTAS]
    5. [RECURSO]: To share a resource with the community.
    6. [INFO]: To share articles or links which are of interest.
    7. [ORG]: Questions regarding the organisation of a group or list.
    8. [DUDA]: To request help on a particular topic.
    9. [OFFTOPIC]: To post messages which are not directly related to the topic of the list/group.
  5. Respect the conversation threads. Keep to one topic/question per message, and stay on topic for the list/group. If you want to talk about something else, open a new thread. But please don’t open unnecessary threads, look to see if a thread already exists on the subject, and if it does, use that one. Too many extra threads creates mess more than anything else.
  6. Unconstructive or off-topic messages, along with any other sort of abuse, are wholly unwelcome. Offensive language and behaviour with regard to the following will not be tolerated: gender, ethnicity, beliefs, religion, social standing or any other aspect used to attack or threaten the group’s peaceful coexistence by highlighting differences.
  7. Steer clear of personal attacks and responses based on prejudice, previous interactions or conversations on other lists. Stick to what is being discussed in the thread, and if disagreements occur, lay out your arguments clearly so others can understand and/or defend themselves appropriately. Don’t make fake or extra profiles. Don’t form groups to gang up on others. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face, and never forget that there is a person reading your message on the other side of the screen whose feelings may get hurt. Don’t be manipulative or biassed.
  8. Avoid writing in all-caps because IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING and it’s difficult to read. Whenever possible please do not attach files (a link is better). Don’t use HTML, always write in plain text.
  9. Protect your privacy and that of third parties. Don’t reveal passwords, card numbers or any other information that could be considered sensitive or personal. Also, don’t send confidential information or material you are not licensed to distribute.
  10. Subscribing or unsubscribing to Colaboratorio CI communication lists and groups is voluntary and free of charge, and both processes will follow the specifications of their corresponding platform or tool. If problems arise during the subscription or unsubscription process, get in touch at

Moderation and Sanctions for Failing to Follow the Netiquette Guidelines.

These groups/lists are managed by the Colaboratorio CI Moderation Team, whose job is to ensure their smooth and uninterrupted operation and to deal with any reported abuse.

  1. The Moderation Team is not responsible for any messages sent, nor for anything resulting from them. The responsibility is that of the sender of each message.
  2. The Moderation Team has the authority to caution or expel users who fail to follow the agreed upon guidelines. The Moderation Team can be challenged if they are not considered to be doing their job properly, or if they overstep in performing their duties.
  3. If a user wants to report another user’s unwanted behaviour, they should contact the Moderation Team and provide evidence (attach relevant messages or paragraphs, state which parts of the Netiquette have been infringed).
  4. Any user who is reported will be given the opportunity to justify their behaviour.
  5. The agreed upon disciplinary actions are as follows:
    • Initial Suspension (2 weeks): Following a user’s third infringement of the Netiquette.
    • Temporary Suspension (4 weeks): When a user has already faced previous disciplinary action
    • Expulsion: When a clear, repeated pattern of reoffense becomes evident or serious infractions are committed. The expelled user can only rejoin with the explicit backing of at least three members of the list and one member of the Moderation Team.
    • Definitive Expulsion: If a readmitted user continues to disregard the Netiquette guidelines they will be expelled definitively, with no possibility of readmission.
  6. Spam or unsolicited advertising is not permitted. Users who post such content will be blocked and face the appropriate disciplinary measures.
  7. When it appears that various users are coordinating attempts to disrupt the community, these users will be preventatively removed by the Moderation team until appropriate action can be taken. If one user is proven to have been the ringleader, this will be considered a serious, or even definitive, infraction depending on the level of harm done.
  8. When other, extraordinary situations arise which cause unrest or disruption, collective action will be taken to decide on the appropriate disciplinary measures.

Source and Licence

This Netiquette guide is an adaptation of the guidelines created for the P2P+Comunes mailing list (which was itself based on pre-existing Netiquette guides from sites such as Clone Wars, Debian, Hacktivistas, Las Indias and Wikipedia).

This guide is shared under a CC-BY-SA licence, meaning it can be reused and adapted.

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