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Get Involved!

How do you see yourself taking part as an active member of the ecosystem?

Is Civic Innovation one of your priorities or skills? Do you feel you are part of the community of communities which make up the Civic Innovation ecosystem? Do you want to form new relationships, create, and share knowledge and experiences? Can you make a commitment to coordinating and strengthening this ecosystem for the common good?

Get involved and take part as an active member of Colaboratorio IC!

First and foremost, laboratories and other professional or intermediary agents are thought of as nodes which serve as catalysts to make the ecosystem more dynamic and expansive, or as actors who play specific roles within it. However, to go beyond this core network, we’re calling on actors of all types, sizes or areas of expertise (civil society / government / academia / private sector) who wish to play an active role in this community. Actors who want to build meaningful relationships and transversal alliances (based on discipline, skillset, region) from a position of mutual acknowledgement and trust, who proportionally share responsibilities and eschew any trace of extractivist thought.

If you are interested in forming part of Colaboratorio CI, we suggest you have a closer look at the BENEFITS of joining, and at the ways of getting involved in the PROCESS section. You can join as a public or private individual or organisation. It is free, and all you need to do is fill out the following form.

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